Monday, 30 January 2012

calling all bloggers

i need some awesome blogs to follow so please recommend any that you love. it's like a backwards follow friday! :)

also i'm really getting into twitter so post any of your usernames too!

if you feel a bit weird and stalky putting them underneath for all to see, pop them in my tumblr ask box!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 vs Naked 1: Review

A little late as I've been so busy these past few weeks! Last year I got the Urban Decay naked palette, and i love it! It's amazing value for money (£35 at the time), all the shades are beautiful colours, highly pigmented and easy to blend. There's not a shade in there I don't use, unlike most eyeshadow palettes.

So of course when I heard they were releasing a second palette I ordered it on the day of the drop. (It's available exclusively from Debenhams online for £36)

This time it comes in a tin box, which is more secure, although I've never had any problem with the original packaging with regards to transporting it - it's never come open and I take it everywhere! The tin is slightly heavier, however it will show up dust and dirt much less, and as you can see it's no bigger than the original.

It also comes with a 'travel size' Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked. It's not a product I'd buy as I don't wear lipgloss so this is really more of a bonus. It's as pink as it looks and it's pretty much a suits all shade. It does plump up your lips and tastes pretty great, but I think I would of preferred another Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

The mirror is much bigger and i've actually been using it, unlike with Naked 1. (The mirror was cracked in the post though :( )

The shades do look very similar, but they are actually all very different from Naked 1! My favourite is Bootycall, which surprised me, but it's such a lovely shade, perfect for highlighting. I won't bang on too much about the shades, you can pretty much see for yourself in the pictures.

Good Karma double ended brush - blending brush. The blending brush is great, i've wanted one for a while now so I was really excited to see this was included in the palette. I've got nothing to compare this to, but it's been extremely useful!

Good Karma double ended brush

left: Good Karma double ended brush from Naked 2. right: Good Karma brush from Naked 1. These are supposed to be the same brush but as you can see the 2nd one is much smaller. Not a huge fan actually, it's a bit hard (it's synthetic) for me.

Naked 1

My first go with Naked 2. I think i used Bootycall, Verve and Pistol with a bit of Blackout but this was last week so i can't really remember!

The same eye make up and the lipgloss too.

I would say if you're a big eyeshadow fan, get them both! I can't actually pick a favorite yet, I'm leaning a little towards the Naked 2, but that's mainly because it's al shiny and new. Both palettes are good quality and excellent value. I've never been a big Urban Decay fan because the shades are a little too bright for me so both these palettes are perfect.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

lottery list

bag: ANYA HINDMARCH, £495. belt: MARC BY MARC JACOBS, £105

necklace: TOM BINNS, £690. dress: CLUBE BOSSA, £615. ipad case: ALEXANDER WANG, £270.

black pouch: CHLOÉ, £435. belt: TOPSHOP £22. nude purse: VALENTINO, £320.

jeans: TOPSHOP, £40. dress: HERVÉ LÉGER, £1,080.

black bag: CHLOÉ, £1,105. grey bag: VICTORIA BECKHAM, £1,850.

if i won the lottery these are the very first things that i would buy. also an ipad to go in the case. i don't really want an ipad i just want a reason to buy the case.


happy new year! i spent new years eve in york with my boyfriend and his friends. i had an amazing night and absolutely no pictures to show for it! i'm tempted to buy myself a camera, or maybe get my slr fixed. i always used to rely on the girls for photos but it seems everyone's lost or broken their cameras now!
my new years resolutions are to get fit and healthy and do well in uni! pretty boring one's actually, what are yours?

hope that 2012 is a great year for you all! (and also that the world doesn't end on the 21st of december).