Saturday, 24 March 2012

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Review

Ever since I turned 21 it's been all downhill for my skin. I've never really had to use concealer before and have been putting it off for too long, hoping that these dark eyes and red patches, are just a phase. But it would seem not. I am officially old.
Since I'm so short on money I did a lot of shopping around before buying a concealer, rather than wasting my money. 

I got the Soap and Glory Thick And Fast mascara free with Elle a few weeks ago, which I was actually a little disappointed with, but this concealer kept on coming up with good reviews so I decided to take a chance.
The product is described as 'a three piece flaw camouflage kit'

I've always preferred really simple packaging like MAC, but at the minute I am loving quirky packing such as all the Soap and Glory and Benefit packaging. 

I chose the shade light which was the right shade for me. (I wear MAC NC20) It comes in light and medium, which only changes the face concealer, not the brightening concealer.

It comes in a little compact, which is the perfect size for a make up bag, with a strong clasp.

On the side are labeled the three steps which is cute. 1: Under eye brightening concealer, 2: Superwear face concealer, 3: Concealer setting powder.

On the top layer is the translucent setting powder and a little puff(?) 

I've never used a puff to apply powder before so I'm still getting used to this.. It's impossible to see how much you're picking up so I always end up using too little or too much.

Underneath this layer are the two cream concealers. The one thing that annoys me about the packing is the way the top layer lifts off.. it's a bit fiddly. 

On the left is the 'under eye brightening concealer', which is incredibly creamy and is already disappearing. This stuff is amazing, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and I feel and look so much more awake. If they sold just the brightening concealer I'd buy a whole vat of it!
On the right is the 'superwear face concealer' which isn't as soft but blends well. It doesn't make spots disappear, but does cover red patches brilliantly. 

The setting powder helps to keep the concealer in place all day, and gives a nice finish, provided you don't use too much!

Swatches both concealers, eye brightening on the left and superwear face concealer on the right
I tried using a concealer brush to apply this at first but I found it blends much better with a finger.

I would say that this 'pallette' is brilliant for correcting your skin tone, rather than conceal spots, which is exactly what I wanted.

What's your favourite concealer?

p.s. I should of photographed this when it was all clean and new but I just didn't have time!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Three of my best turned 21 all within a week! Very exciting times. First up was Roz, we all headed down to liverpool, got on our scouse brows, rolled our hair, fake tanned and eyelashed up for a night in the pool.
I had an amazing night, and seeing all of my favourite girls in one place after so long was the best. You can't tell from these pictures but there were 25 girls in the house before going out, 10 of which got ready there.. manic!

1. Me and the birthday girl, 2. Group shot right when Roz poured her drink down my back (cheers Roz!) 3. Looking slightly more sophisticated, 4. Me and Christie

1. Rach and Rach instagramming, 2. Rozs beloved cake stand, 3. I was pretty chuffed I ended up with the whole tray of jelly shots, 4. Us girls again.

Then the weekend after was Christie's birthday celebration. We headed up to Edinburgh for the day and were spoilt rotten by her parents. We did a bit of sightseeing (well we looked at a castle and then went shopping), went for gorgeous cocktails (which were poured over sorbet. amazing!), were taken for a delicious meal and even had champagne on the train home.

1. Nic got us these amazing cupcakes for the train (thanks nic!), 2. Champagne and strawberries on the train.. followed by more food.. and more champagne! 3. Bit o' tartan! 4. Reserved

1. More champagne, 2. Outside the restaurant for tea, which was AMAZING. 3. MORE CHAMPAGNE. 4. Cocktails at Hotel Missoni.. yum yum!

Such an amazing couple of days, I can't wait for easter to see them all again, I miss them so much!

Unfortunately Alice had to work on her birthday weekend, but i'm looking forward to when we can finally get together and celebrate it!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Necklaces I Need In My Life

4. H&M, 5. Oasis,

6. Next, 7. Zara,

8. Zara, 9. H&M, 10. Mango

Yes I need all of them! Especially number 7, not my usual style but I love the orange. Why is it always when I have no money I see so many things I love!

Been a sad week for me, but I won't go into detail on here. Massive love for my friends and family and especially Christian. Life is precious, make the most of it.