Wednesday, 23 February 2011

if i had the money.. pt 5

if i had some serious money

trousers: preen line. jacket: theory. shirt: j crew. sunglasses: rayban. necklace: mcqueen. ring: domonic jones. bag: jimmy choo.

those are the most perfect pair of trousers i've ever seen. you'd have to be skinny to wear them though. not just because they'd look nicer, but if i wore them i'd get squeaking between my thighs.

i'm searching for a sheer vest the colour of that bag. if anyone has seen one anyyywhere please tell me! it's driving me crazy.

edit: i forgot shoes oh no!

shoes: miu miu.

Monday, 21 February 2011


i've heard my mother complain many a time about what's in fashion, how she's 'seen it the first time round'. in fact the majority of my clothes are salvaged from the loft. mum's old clothes, dad's old clothes and anything other unworn rejects, source unknown. my old clothes however, remain in a pile in the bottom of my wardrobe. (don't get me wrong this sounds like a very small pile, but it's a very large unused wardrobe, so it's really more of a mound.)
so i'm leafing through a fashion magazine. it's the s/s 11 round up of all the catwalk trends. i see 70's revival, maximalism, minimalism and colour.
wait, hold on. that last one, colour? i've seen that before. I'VE seen that before. infact. the page looks exactly like the bottom of my wardrobe.
i mean, orange, green, yellow, pink, more orange. i'm literally looking at my 16th birthday party.

exhibit a:

(taken from my myspace.)

i was 16 years old, possibly younger. it was the year of 'nu rave'. the first series of skins had just launched.

the klaxons, the gossip and hadouken were huge.

and this was normal make up for the average 16 year old:

after raiding photobucket i found this, exhibit b:

my wardrobe pre 2008. (why i have this photo i don't know. i went through a phase of taking pictures of eeeverything.)

this is not a phase i want to repeat. i've been there, done that, and got enough strange looks to last me a lifetime.
okay so what i'm seeing now mayyy be a sophistacted take on what i wore in 2007,

but green pink and yellow? in one outfit? i'll pass on that one thanks.

although i may have to dig out these heels because they are just awesome.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

new look

why yes new look i would love to shop those pretty dresses in that picture. do they exist on the website? of course not.
and if they do they're impossible to find.

new look has one of THE worst websites on the high street. the pictures are small and poor quality. the search features are awful and the navigation is so temperamental it makes me want to stab my eyes out with forks.

it's a shame because there are some lovely things in new look at the minute, i just can't bear to go on their website to buy them!

one of the main reasons i visit topshop's website is because the website is easy to use, navigate and the products are clearly displayed, not necessarily for the products themselves. (often i do find them uninspiring)

anyway this has been a completely pointless rant leading absolutely no where so i'm going to go to sleep now!

t shirts

i have a love for t shirts. usually grey.

i love these ones new in in topshop they're the perfect tee.

they're just one of those things that look really nice on the topshop mannequin but not on me.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

crazy week

the past week has been a crazy one! it was christians 21st birthday on monday. i got him a trip to france to stay in this little cottage:

aww :) i think he liked it.
then on thursday i had my driving test AND PASSED :) it's only taken me 2 years, 3 majors and 16 minors but i got there in the end. unfortunately my insurance ran out at midnight that day so i've spent most of the weekend (when i wasn't at work) searching for car insurance. it's SO expensive it's ridiculous! thankfully dad managed to find some a little cheaper and sorted it out for me (thanks dad!)

thank god it's monday tomorrow.
might drive to harrogate as i've got stuff to do, may aswell nip to primark whilst i'm there! yay!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


i hate coding but i've finally fixed my blog layout so i can actually use it :)
now all i need is something to talk about..