Sunday, 13 February 2011

crazy week

the past week has been a crazy one! it was christians 21st birthday on monday. i got him a trip to france to stay in this little cottage:

aww :) i think he liked it.
then on thursday i had my driving test AND PASSED :) it's only taken me 2 years, 3 majors and 16 minors but i got there in the end. unfortunately my insurance ran out at midnight that day so i've spent most of the weekend (when i wasn't at work) searching for car insurance. it's SO expensive it's ridiculous! thankfully dad managed to find some a little cheaper and sorted it out for me (thanks dad!)

thank god it's monday tomorrow.
might drive to harrogate as i've got stuff to do, may aswell nip to primark whilst i'm there! yay!

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