Monday, 28 March 2011

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

anyone want £5 off asos?

i have a discount code. you do have to spend over £20 but still. i used one earlier in the week and bought this watch!

i was a little annoyed because in these pictures it looks white and gold and i really wanted a white watch! but in the picture where the model is wearing it you can see it's actually silver and gold. but i still liked it so i bought it anyway!

so yeah anyone want my other voucher code just comment underneath.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

student loan fail

i added my debt from the degree i'm doing now to what it would cost me to do another degree without the epic rise in tuition fees and i got around £29,000.

with the rise i would be in £59,000 of debt. then i had a look at the repayments..

unpaid debt gets written off after 30 years

hypothetically if i was to leave uni and get a job earning £25,000 a year i would have to pay back £30 a month.

let's say i earn under the £30,000 bracket for ten years that's a total repayment of £3,600.

then let's say i spend the next ten years in the £30 - £40,000 bracket. that's £86 a month which is a total repayment of £8,160.

then let's say i spend the next ten years in the £40,000 to £50,000 bracket which is a repayment of £143 a month, which would be a total repayment of £17,160.

so that's

3,600 + 8,160 + 17,160 = £28,920
and that's 30 years so the rest gets written off.

that's what i'd be paying off without the tuition fee rise. really, mr government you are not very good at maths.

i wonder why we're in a recession...

this is all hypothetical and i really have no idea how much i'll be earning because those big numbers mean nothing to me. i DO understand £4.92 though..

Saturday, 19 March 2011

vest tops!

i bought some vest tops since i'm in desperate need of some basics. all from topshop. it's amazing how it adds up to so much money.

today i worked from 8 until 6 and now i'm absolutely shattered! haven't been this tired after a shift in months.

i saw this cardi in topshop and i love it. it's expensive though. i might save up for it. makes me feel like a kid saving up for things!

also why are all the american tv series having christmas episodes? it's march!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

musings on the internet

i live in a very small town. even before facebook, everybody knew everybody's business. now with facebook everybody knows everybodys aunt's dog's vet's business. so how is it possible for someone to disappear? i don't mean i sinister way, just in a sort of lose contact with all of humanity kind of way.
before the internet even in my little bubble of a town, you would be forgotten about if you went on your gap year and decided you liked it so much in new zealand you decided to stay. but now you'd be posting facebook updates about how the weather is 'too hot, i hate the sun'. (yeah well it's bloody snowing here) and uploading albums upon albums of 'me helping orphans' and 'dolphins!!11!' for the whole town to see.

everyone is connected these days. and i reckon i can find anyone with just a tiny bit of information..

okay time for a test.. let's see what the boy who i sat next to in year three is doing today (he smelt funny but was a sweet kid)

he made 2 songs today with his band which, judging from his latest tagged pictures, is a sort of rock/tribute band.

that was easy. how about the girl who left in year 4. she used to suck her two middle fingers and i'm sure her name was lauren.

well she's listening to the chris moyles show. she didn't move far, only about 30 miles away.

and then there's subject number three who we shall call edith. an old school friend, from reception right through to year 11. i know her full name, her age, her sisters name, her mums name, her old address, even her favorite flavour of crisps. how is it possible that i cannot find a single trace of this person on the internet?
this is when my obsessive side kicked in, and i became borderline stalker. no myspace, no bebo, no youtube, no lastfm, no blogs and no. face. book.

it's 2011. even my grandma has an email address.

but why do i need to know about this girl? she hasn't been a part of my life for 5 years. in fact, out of 519 facebook 'friends', i have 1 boyfriend, 7 girl friends and 4 college friends who i talk to on a regular basis. the other 507 'friends' are all old friends, acquaintances, people who i've met in bars ('hey look i have a smart phone.. i can add you on facebook RIGHT NOW!') and friends of friends of friends. even the relatives on there (2) i only speak to twice a year. (merry christmas/happy birthday).

it seems with facebook there is no 'moving on' or 'fresh start', because each time we log on there are all the people from primary school, ex boyfriends we've been too nosy to delete, and that girl that punched me in the dinner queue. i mean to really move on we'd have to (heaven forbid) delete our facebook accounts.

so after a bit of pondering and a lot of rambling i'm left thinking SHOULD i delete my facebook account? what am i actually gaining from being in constant (yes constant.. smart phones honestly.. you just can't get away from it) contact with a million and one people from my past?

and then i remember how much fun it is facebook raping/uploading awful pictures/filling someone's wall with inappropriate things.

also what if my phone died?? how would i get in touch with people?? i wouldn't have any phone numbers!

what do you mean land line?

if i had the money.. pt 8

all topshop except for the dms

red hair!

trying to get a picture of my hair that shows the colour is a nightmare. by the way, it's not patchy, it's 'multi tonal' haha

today i am painting my nails and doing lots of college work.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

sunday night.. again..

it seems i only ever post on sunday nights. i as soon as i get home from work is the only time i ever really sit down at my computer.

this week has been brilliant but exhausting.

it was my best friends 20th so i went up to liverpool to celebrate!

we went out for a meal at pizza express and then 'casual' drinks after.

the casual drinks didn't stay very casual and after a billion more shots we went to bumper (along with rebecca ferguson and katie waisel haha) and had a very merry time.

then i saw this picture and realised i desperately needed to do something about the state of my hair! good lord.

so i let roz and lucy loose on it and we dyed it red!

we also celebrated rozs birthday with eeeveryone with vodka jelly shots and TOGAS!

it was so much fun and roz and lucys uni friends are all so lovely.

i drove down to liverpool (first time on a motor way woohoo!) i managed to make it all the way there without a single problem, until i got to rozs and took a chunk out of my tyre parking up. typical! got the tyre replace and all is well once again.

i also bought this cardi:

from topshop, but i'm not sure if i like it now so i'm going to take it back. it was on sale for £20 down from £40.

i also got a bag from primark which i don't have a picture off since my cameras broken boo :(

(okay so now it's wednesday and i didn't get to post this on sunday and i can't even remember where i was going with this so i'm just gonna click post :))

Sunday, 6 March 2011

sunday night

finally i've finished work. i'm going to go buy some of this soup because it's amazing and i've been craving it ever since i had it last week. seriously try this soup it's incredible.

then i'm going to go round to christians and chill out for the rest of the evening.

i'm actually a little bit excited to drive as i haven't driven since friday.

i should probably know this since i work in a newsagents, but does the sun come out on a sunday? i don't mean the various regional sunday suns, as i'm collecting the 2 free alton towers tickets tokens. last year a nice lady who buys the sun saved them up for me bless her but i don't want to ask her again!

(after reading the terms and conditions) it's the news of the world on sunday! how did i not realise this??

(after a swift call to work) there is ONE left and micks gonna save it for me yay!

on another note, i've been looking through asos marketplace which i think is suck a GREAT idea. it gives up and coming designers to show and sell their work through a major clothing company but still get to take all the credit for it. (i'm sure asos take a lovely chunk of comission though!)

however it bugs me that most of the vintage on there is very very expensive. vintage these days is code for 'stuff what we found in a charity shop'. why would i pay +£40 for a bag that probably was originally from chelsea girl and has spent the last couple of decades in someones loft? i could just go have a poke around in my own for free. (which i do on regular occasions)

i do like this however. ironically this bag is only £16.

well this blog post was deep and meaningfull. adios!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

i just saw this picture on tumblr and here are my immediate thoughts:

'oh they look delicious. i want one! i want to go out. oh man all my friends are out in liverpool without me. i don't care. i don't i don't i don't. i love my job i love my job.'

WHY do i have to be the only one who works weekends??

if i had the money.. pt 7

i really wanted that shirt and i really wish i'd bought it. it's one of those items that i would wear all the time. damn it, i'll have to look for it on ebay.
i also toyed with the idea of buying the boots since they were in the sale, but i have some similar just minus the shearling.
oh whyyyyy didn't i buy that shirt..
i also thought about buying the trousers but i'm glad i didn't as they wouldn't go with a single thing i own!

all: topshop.

Friday, 4 March 2011

if i had the money.. pt 6

breton tee, ballet pumps and a blazer. truly groundbreaking ideas here.

thank god it's the weekend.. oh no.. wait..

most people get to relax on friday night and look forward to a couple of days off, where as i work all weekend, so i dread saturdays. i can't really complain though, monday comes around and i can lie in bed all morning feeling smug.

this week i've been doing college work, playing call of duty and restaurant story on my boyfriends iphone

sat watching new tricks with mum and dad. just been for the first run in a year (oh my god am i unfit!) and am now super sleepy.

working all weekend boo. then a trip to liverpool this week for my best friends 20th. can. not. wait.

also hello new followers!