Sunday, 13 March 2011

sunday night.. again..

it seems i only ever post on sunday nights. i as soon as i get home from work is the only time i ever really sit down at my computer.

this week has been brilliant but exhausting.

it was my best friends 20th so i went up to liverpool to celebrate!

we went out for a meal at pizza express and then 'casual' drinks after.

the casual drinks didn't stay very casual and after a billion more shots we went to bumper (along with rebecca ferguson and katie waisel haha) and had a very merry time.

then i saw this picture and realised i desperately needed to do something about the state of my hair! good lord.

so i let roz and lucy loose on it and we dyed it red!

we also celebrated rozs birthday with eeeveryone with vodka jelly shots and TOGAS!

it was so much fun and roz and lucys uni friends are all so lovely.

i drove down to liverpool (first time on a motor way woohoo!) i managed to make it all the way there without a single problem, until i got to rozs and took a chunk out of my tyre parking up. typical! got the tyre replace and all is well once again.

i also bought this cardi:

from topshop, but i'm not sure if i like it now so i'm going to take it back. it was on sale for £20 down from £40.

i also got a bag from primark which i don't have a picture off since my cameras broken boo :(

(okay so now it's wednesday and i didn't get to post this on sunday and i can't even remember where i was going with this so i'm just gonna click post :))


  1. haha looks like a good week ! xoxo

  2. love your photos! toga fancy dress is my absolute favourite theme! got to love cutting up bedsheets! looks like a fun trip! x