Friday, 4 March 2011

thank god it's the weekend.. oh no.. wait..

most people get to relax on friday night and look forward to a couple of days off, where as i work all weekend, so i dread saturdays. i can't really complain though, monday comes around and i can lie in bed all morning feeling smug.

this week i've been doing college work, playing call of duty and restaurant story on my boyfriends iphone

sat watching new tricks with mum and dad. just been for the first run in a year (oh my god am i unfit!) and am now super sleepy.

working all weekend boo. then a trip to liverpool this week for my best friends 20th. can. not. wait.

also hello new followers!


  1. haha i went for a run too the other day, think i nearly died x

  2. i really should have gone again tonight but i swear i'm still tired out from last night! oh dear..

  3. I am a Diner Dash girl really but I might give this game a go too!