Sunday, 6 March 2011

sunday night

finally i've finished work. i'm going to go buy some of this soup because it's amazing and i've been craving it ever since i had it last week. seriously try this soup it's incredible.

then i'm going to go round to christians and chill out for the rest of the evening.

i'm actually a little bit excited to drive as i haven't driven since friday.

i should probably know this since i work in a newsagents, but does the sun come out on a sunday? i don't mean the various regional sunday suns, as i'm collecting the 2 free alton towers tickets tokens. last year a nice lady who buys the sun saved them up for me bless her but i don't want to ask her again!

(after reading the terms and conditions) it's the news of the world on sunday! how did i not realise this??

(after a swift call to work) there is ONE left and micks gonna save it for me yay!

on another note, i've been looking through asos marketplace which i think is suck a GREAT idea. it gives up and coming designers to show and sell their work through a major clothing company but still get to take all the credit for it. (i'm sure asos take a lovely chunk of comission though!)

however it bugs me that most of the vintage on there is very very expensive. vintage these days is code for 'stuff what we found in a charity shop'. why would i pay +£40 for a bag that probably was originally from chelsea girl and has spent the last couple of decades in someones loft? i could just go have a poke around in my own for free. (which i do on regular occasions)

i do like this however. ironically this bag is only £16.

well this blog post was deep and meaningfull. adios!


  1. deep and meaningful is for squares ;)
    i actually really love your blog. im gonna bloglovin' it so i dont miss posts !xoxo

  2. haha indeed! aw thankyou :D i started using bloglovin but i just kinda forgot about it. i might start using it again since i read so many different blogs on different platforms! <3