Sunday, 26 February 2012

Benefit Brow Zings Review

since i've been using this old brown eyeshadow to do my eyebrows since what feels forever.. it's starting to get a bit gross, and my boyfriend was kind enough to buy me a replacement for valentines day :D

i got the brow zings eyebrow kit from benefit. (since there was £5 off, which turned out to only be £1 as postage is a huge £4!)

the packaging is great, nothing tacky and the clasp(?) is very secure.. i predict no handbag nightmares!

the mirrors great too.. nice and big so you can actually see both eyebrows at the same time. nobody likes wonky eyebrows, that would completely defeat the point of doing them in the first place!

it comes with 'pigmented wax for shaping' and 'natural-shaded powder for setting', and i got it in dark. (it's available in three shades, light medium and dark)

it also comes with a 'hard angled brush', tweezers, and a blending brush. i usually hate little brushes like this, but they are good quality and do the job nicely. it's also saves some room in my make up bag. the tweezers are very stiff and you have to press down hard to make the ends meet, whether they will loosen up in time i don't know, but once you do they are very precise. i would imagine you'd get sore fingers if you were to tidy up all your eyebrows, rather than the odd stray. they're good for getting those fine hairs that i usually give up on!

excuse the messy brows! haven't quite perfected using the wax yet!

this product isn't exactly cheap, but i love it.

also looking forward to trying out these samples, think it's nice how they give you a choice. makes me happier AND they don't waste samples on people who won't use them. clever!

edit: after using this for a couple of weeks, my only complaint is that the brushes are very small and fiddly to get out, without throwing all of them on the floor! the size doesn't affect the application however, it's just very annoying first thing in the morning when my hand - eye coordination is at it's worst!


  1. Ooo great review - and great eyebrows. I love Benefit make-up.

  2. i use brow zings too - definitely couldn't live without it. and i've had mine for around a year now and there's still so much product left considering i use it everyday! :)

  3. Big fan of Benefit make up, but the postage is really silly :( x

  4. I nominated you an award over on my blog x

  5. I've had the benefit tweezer for years and it's still my favourite, not lost it's sharpness and still works wonders. I have eyebrow envy right now, love yours! x

  6. p.s. I don't know whether you've turned on your captcha code on purpose before people can comment, but it's quite annoying if I wanna comment on something! Just letting you know incase you didn't know it was turned on! I get it if you've had spam comments in the past though xx