Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shadowy Lady

I nearly cried with happiness yesterday when my dad moved the something-to-do-with-replacng-car-wheels-thingy out of my boot, which I've never really paid attention to before. Hiding underneath it was my MAC Shadowy Lady eyeshadow, which hadn't been seen since my 21st in November!

Finding lost things is the best.

Shadowy Lady looks like a pretty boring shade, It's a greyish purple with a Matte finish. It's not a colour you can wear on it's own, you will look like you've been punched.

The reason why I love it is that it works alongside bright colours so well. I use it for the darker tones when using bright blue or green. As you blend Shadowy Lady in, it almost picks up the tones from the bright colours blending in perfectly, without looking dull.

The blue is MAC Freshwater, which is a very pigmented bright blue with a Veluxe Pearl finish. 

I wear it with a hint of bright pink on the brow bone which just helps to lift the eye. (a brighter pink than this, but this was all I had at the time)


The green is MAC Steamy, which is an almost blueish green, with a very subtle gold Frost finish. It's not as pigmented or as bright as freshwater but does build up well to a deeper colour.

When blended out the golden Frost in steamy is much more noticeable. 


  1. LOVE this, you have great eyeshadow tekkers!! love your blog as well :) x