Monday, 15 November 2010

lazy monday

this picture makes me want to tidy my room. however i started for about 20 minutes and now i'm back looking at clothes!
also this picture is relevant as i bought those trousers on saturday! not entirely sure if i got the right size or what to wear with them yet though.
also i swear i can speak swedish with all the swedish fashion blogs i've been reading. (i know the word for shoes, which is all i need to know, right?)

so today has been a lazy day. i look forward to monday as that's like the start of my weekend since i work saturday and sunday. on saturday i actually started work at 2 so i nipped into york to do some shopping, purely for the novelty of shopping on a saturday, which i haven't done in years. im really not missing out, it was so busy!

i really should be tidying and doing some college work, but it is a 'saturday' after all.

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