Sunday, 7 November 2010

my first post

so here i am with yet another blog! i seem to have done the rounds of every blogging platform out there, and am finally back to the first one i tried.
it's a sunday evening and i'm so tired and headachey i'm going straight to bed after this, even though i've got lots to sort out or my visit to grandma's tomorrow but i shall do that in the morning.
this weekends been rubbish really. i've worked friday night, saturday and sunday, so much for a weekend.
one thing that cheered me up was this free nails inc nail polish with glamour!

it's called Savile Row, it's a gorgeous shade, almost black but with a plum tint to it and it went on really nicely too. it's a full size bottle and retails at £11.. considering glamour was only £2 i'd say that's a pretty good bargain.

(excuse the poor bb photos!)

i also got a free missguided nail polish with cosmo a few weeks ago. i got the black/gold colour:

thankyou hope you don't mind me borrowing your picture!

it cost £5 from it's a nice colour, but it chipped within a few hours. i will definitely be using this alot as it's a perfect winter night out colour, but i wouldn't spend my money on it.. especially as i'd have to pay for postage too!

i also picked up this months elle (of course) and it came with a gorgeous mini clinique lipgloss

which is lovely, but is in my make up bag which, fingers crosses is in lost property at college.
also bought more that came with a free galaxy ripple.
what can i say, i like free stuff??

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