Friday, 3 June 2011

around £15

around £40

around £50

around £45

around £40

all items from swedish site
pretty pricey considering it looks like they're all bulk bought from japan (you can tell by the photos!) but lovely all the same.


  1. they might have clothes that look cute but good luck actually being able to get the items! i placed an order with the guys about a month ago - and not a small order either, I spent 3,676.00 SEK (about $600AUD) and I still haven't received the items.

    I contacted the guys and am not hearing back either! so just be careful!

    1. hi there, i just want more information ab this site, u said u ordered smth from them, did u get the order in the end? i m still waiting for a reply from them and it s getting more and more frustrating.
      thk u :)