Wednesday, 15 June 2011

geordie shore

i LOVE geordie shore. however one comment (from an american that annoyed me) was ‘it’s great to finally see a true representation of student culture in britain’ because what you see on geordie shore is an extreme portrayal of what we really get up to.

however i feel this ^ is a spot on portrayal of us all. oh come on, we’ve all been there.

also loving made in chelsea and cannot wait until the only way is essex is back on.

i wrote to the bbc asking if they wanted to come make 'the only way is knaresborough' but apparently we're not interesting/dumb/glamorous/outrageous enough. we do have an excellent market on a wednesday though.


  1. Oh i really need to start watching Geordie shore! I loved made in chelsea AND only way is essex.
    Apparently they are making a brighton version but apparently it's portraying Brighton in a really bad way! not what it's actually liek so it's not very good. Well it hasn't aired yet!

  2. i love Geordie Shore! Hilarious x x

  3. I bloody love Knaresborough!